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TK Vadivel Pillai is your Personal Guide
Together, we’ll take a journey where you feel most comfortable. You’ll engage in a discussion with your child-like subconscious. Here you will reveal to yourself only that which is for your highest positive good

Who is TK Vadivel Pillai?
TK Vadivel Pillai is a man whose purpose in life is to inspire people to their greatness, through his clarity of mind and sensitivity to their needs.

He is the man behind Mind Academy practicing and helping people with the most powerful mind sciences available to mankind today for change using Hypnosis,Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP). Readmore

"Im now the National Table Tennis champion of india,Thanks to Mr Vadivel Pillai and IIMS Mind Academy with whom I had enrolled just 7 months back".


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind of support I got from you during the year 2012. When I came to you in march 2012, I was India no.17. After participating in Beijing Olympics which was a highest point in my career, slipping down to no.17 was disheartening. I was low in confidence and full of fears.


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