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Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool for study habit improvement. Hypnosis cannot take the place of studying; reading, listening, but it can enhance the individual learning abilities and recall. Hypnosis enables the individual to tap the great resources of the subconscious mind
hypnosis can help improve one’s scholastic abilities:
Increase One’s ability to concentrate.
Improve the ability to retain, recall, and remember.
To control emotions and stress.
Enhance motivation and enthusiasm for learning.
Increase energy and endurance.
Increase self-esteem, confidence, and self efficiency.
Resolve subconscious blocks or conflicts.

To help one remain calm and relaxed while taking examinations. One of the areas which may be a block to learning is some long ago past experience. For example, a child knocks over a glass of milk and is called “stupid.” The subconscious mind may accept that as true for the child may take the words literally. The parent may have meant: clumsy, awkward, not paying attention, but used the word, “stupid.” If his subconsciously accepts this statement as true, the person will continue to do stupid things. They may have a high IQ, but do poorly in school, because a stupid person cannot make good grades.

Hypnotherapy in a definite step- by- step manner can help one to dissolve these conflicts and blocks .It can empower the student to rebuild their confidence in their capability to study - strengthen their power of focus, improve memory and recalling abilities and thereby perform well in their exams.


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