One Day Workshop

(9.30 am - 5.30 pm)



This workshop ‘Learn Hypnosis’ deals with the power of the human mind and its giant capacity to achieve anything it wants and deals with powerful and practical techniques which can help a person or a company to achieve their goals systematically, but surely.  The program uses the highly powerful and effective science of Hypnosis.  This experiential Program can change your life for the better, sow the seeds in helping you get what you want and make you lead a fulfilled and happy life.  After learning these techniques and exercises, the participants can experience for themselves the transformation that happens within them.  As the techniques are not very complex and long-drawn but short, crisp, powerful and practical, they can be used to great advantage.


This workshop is useful for anyone who wants to make their life a masterpiece;
achieve good health, wealth, happiness, fame and recognition in profession
or activities they are involved in, to be their best more often and enjoy the fruits of success that is sure to come their way to meet their personal & professional goals.


Mr.TK Vadivel Pillai has an elegant way of weaving metaphors and hypnotic language together that create inductive learnings at the subconscious level allowing one to experience powerful results in their life with little or no effort. He is the man behind RESET – a program that uses the most powerful mind science available to mankind today for change, namely, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). As a life-long seeker, TK Vadivel Pillai has sought to find the simplest way to change from unproductive behavior to spectacular results. As a graduate of the NFNLP (USA) series of trainings, he is accredited as a Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Program and is highly accomplished in advanced Hypnotic Techniques and Modalities.