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Neha Aggarwal

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind of support I got from you during the year 2012. When I came to you in march 2012, I was India no.17. After participating in Beijing Olympics which was a highest point in my career, slipping down to no.17 was disheartening. I was low in confidence and full of fears.

After 10 months of training under you, i am back in form, winning a gold medal in the National Championship in Team event for Delhi where i was the captain and a bronze medal in singles. In January 2012 I have achieved the ranking of no.5 in india which is like a jump of 12 rankings! I am also back in the Indian Team and will now participate in the Commonwealth Championships in May! 

Your  innovative and client specific techniques have made me much more confident, fearless and single minded focus on my goal. I am able to make better informed and calculated decisions and have grown better as a person.

People in call me a tigress in Indian table tennis!! and its a great compliment! All thanks to you.

My training in Chennai for 10 months under you has given a new boost in my career.

I enjoyed each and every session with you. Thank you very much for your wonderful support.

I hope our association will continue further too!


Neha Aggarwal

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