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Expertise of the Trainer
“It is very evident in each and every step of the workshop that the trainer is a very experienced person in Hypnosis. He is able to provide very practical method to learn as well as to practice. I have read the best of books on hypnosis and have understood nothing, but on the second day of the workshop I could do an induction myself!!”

“The workshop was very flexible and practical: he teaches step by step. This enables us to develop the skill as well as the knowledge. This is one of the workshops where I could also develop my skill and not just develop the knowledge, which anyway I can develop by reading a book.”

Confidence Building
“What is the fun in attending a workshop on Hypnosis, and not having the confidence to do it! Well in this workshop as he made me do it at every step: so by the time we finished the workshop we would have also developed necessary confidence to do it. The workshop is designed to help people to overcome inhibition: I was able to overcome my initial hesitation and could practice hypnotherapy.”

Comments about the Trainer
“Mr. Vadivelu is quite knowledgeable and has 20 years of experience to teach, guide and answer even some of the most complicated questions in hypnosis. He has the art of making even the most difficult process like ‘regression’ look very simple. Overall his pleasant disposition and patience, make it a pleasure to work with, while learning hypnosis.”

Poor Good Very Good Outstanding

Trainer: Mr.T.K. Vadivelu
Trainee: Dr Ravi Samuel
Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist

Dear Mr.Vadivel

It is my great fortune to know you and a real pleasure to learn Self-Hypnosis from you.
I am in the profession of Textile Garments- buying for customers in USA,UK ,Latin America and Europe.
You know due to the world economic situation the business is not doing well, but we are managing.
After I learned Self Hypnosis from you, I am able to take it cool and build a lot of confidence.within myself.
I am calm and peaceful. It has changed my total outlook. I am able see lot of positive changes every day.
Now I am enjoying every moment silently. The credit should be yours.
I am awaiting for your signal to step up my techniques by doing the Advance course in Hypnosis.
Thanks a Million for your fantastic teaching !
Best Regards/Jays

Dear Mr Pillai,
Thank you so much for all that you have done for me.
I feel much much better than I had ever hoped to feel about myself and life in general.
In spite of the small troubles, overall I feel great, thanks to being able to switch on and off at will!
Thank you!
Yours truly,
R Nirmala

"It was a performance of a real master of the subject & this really rejuvenated all the feelings that were dying in me. It was really great to have a blue-print of our life. Wonderful. Thank you very much."
S.Balasubramaniam (IT Professional)

"The session with Mr.Vadivelu was extraordinary. I can really feel the change. I feel light & what felt like a burden, is now gone. He is not only a person with knowledge & practice but a person with metaphysical stuff."
K.V.Venkat Raja (prof. Gov. arts college chennai)

"I leant about how to get peace of mind instantly whenever I feel stressed out. I also realize the importance of a pre-planned life. I have already started putting all these things into use."
Subha (Housewife)

"This is great, I can’t believe that there are so many changes happening in me, after the workshop. The session has changed my thought patterns and my life style. I now know how to be happy & make life easy."
Nikunj Suthar (Student NIFT Chennai)

“It was a wonderful evening spent on September 7, 2010 listening to your lecture on “The Power of the Sub-conscious Mind” at LRN Excellency Hotel – Salem and it was my pleasure to share the dais with you. You have given lots of illustrations on how to train our minds; use the power of our subconscious mind by working with our thoughts; eliminate negative thinking and so on, which was informative in achieving our Goals. We would like to invite you for a lecture to our Presidents, for our Rotary International District 2980. Our Presidents will be attending a training session called ’ President Elect Training Seminar’ (PETS) to be conducted on 19th and 20th March, 2011 at Salem/Yercaud, to develop Leadership qualities in them and work closely with their members. We would like you to be with us on March 19, 2011 noon time.” –
Mr. N.Asoka, District Governor 2011-12, Member, Rotary Club of Salem Midtown

“Really I feel this is an amazing Program which can help us to change ourselves into a great personality. Before coming to this Program I was feeling a great deal of fear to face an interview or stand before a group of people and speak. Now I really feel that I have changed totally. I am not at all feeling any nervousness or shivering in my voice. This is such a wonderful Program. I feel that this program is very much useful and worthy.” Thank you Sir.
Ms.Swarnalatha, B.Tech (student)

“Personally I feel this program is a very good program. Especially Mr.Vadivel Pillai’s guidance during the session was very good. I have now stopped all my bad habits like smoking and drinking . Now I am feeling very happy. I feel my objective of attending this session is fulfilled. I personally say,’ Thank you’ to Mr.Vadivel Pillai”
Mr. S. Thangavel

“The initial training of eye movement was very good. It is helping us to understand doctor’s feelings. Later on the training provided at office is helping us to gain more confidence and has increased our will power. The training provided us to remove our negative thoughts which we had. The training helped us to have a cool and fresh mind for continuous working. Finally , I would like to say over all it helped us to self motivate ourselves for our company’s growth, as well as our growth. “
Mr. D. Kulkarni,Sales Executive - Biomicron Company

Actually I learnt a lot from the training programme.

1. How to win myself
2. How to make use of our own energy and other abilities
3. Self – Motivation
4. Helped me to concentrate on my dream
5. Self – confidence increased
6. Lot of negativeness went off
7. Positive attitude
8. Teachability enhanced
9. Professionally there is a dramatic growth
10. Started doing everything by enjoying
Mr. Anthony Das, ASM, HQ-Mysore

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